July 2014

One of desk mount

2014年7月26日 | 790 Comments

[Introduction] people walk through the city, just like stars Chasing the Moon, pursuing their own life, but no one noticed that there are grass silently under the flowers and [...]

You and I sing together to run a romantic love

2014年7月20日 | 259 Comments

[Introduction] Xue didn’t have a charming appearance, but he was smart, capable, wise and decisive. He started his own business with great vigour. In the view of most [...]

Spring snow

2014年7月20日 | 2 Comments

In the early morning, when I opened the door, I was stunned — what a heavy snow …… mountain dance silver snake, the original wax statue, I want to compete [...]

Literature into life

2014年7月18日 | 3 Comments

I have been in love with literature since I was in high school. In addition to my hometown, Dongguan is the city where I have stayed for the longest time. I have worked and [...]


2014年7月13日 | 963 Comments

[Introduction] sometimes being confused is not necessarily a good thing. King Chu Zhuang entertained ministers one night. He asked Xu Ji, the most beloved beauty, to toast to [...]


2014年7月8日 | 4 Comments

[Introduction] when I opened the curtain, I enjoyed a kind of scenery, but was I not the scenery in others’ eyes? Walking in the wind, the dust is lost, but there is no [...]