September 2014

Forever happy

2014年9月27日 | 410 Comments

[Introduction] or simply pick up a favorite book and magazine and listen to a favorite beautiful and soothing music! Even, you can get a moment of comfort and happiness in [...]

This summer, I want to become a sea……

2014年9月7日 | 8 Comments

[Introduction] staring at the white screen window in front of me, I felt the true meaning of life in the broken time. Open the space, accompanied by the soothing music, I [...]

Sleepless night

2014年9月1日 | 789 Comments

[Introduction] it seems that there are words describing insomnia in the Book of Songs guan ju: to treat a fair lady, to seek for it. What I want is to worry about. Leisurely, [...]

Mature men standard

2014年9月1日 | 1,324 Comments

First, mature men must be traditional men in appearance, steady and decent, with a light smell of soap, refreshing and clean. Men with perfume usually only cherish themselves [...]