October 2014

Tears of pray

2014年10月29日 | 259 Comments

“Painting heart” is the theme song of the movie “Painted Skin”, and the lyrics are written very well. Whether you can wear it or not is your lost [...]

Women’s complex with skirts

2014年10月29日 | 3 Comments

[Introduction] women who like to wear skirts even in the snow winter, also put on a pair of high boots, with a suit of winter skirts that they like and colorful kerchiefs, [...]

The beauty of this life is fixed in autumn

2014年10月25日 | 1,104 Comments

Introduction: Day by day, I almost forgot the date of marriage, the weather of that day, and the color of wedding dress. The only thing fresh in my memory was an autumn. By [...]

Men should drink

2014年10月16日 | 835 Comments

[Introduction] they will take you back to your room to have a rest. As long as you explain the procedures such as the letter of introduction clearly in advance, you often [...]

Shiny Avatar

2014年10月13日 | 2 Comments

[Introduction] a voice that I had never heard came from the end of the headset. It was the same as I imagined. Although The Voice had a little local accent, it was powerful [...]

Like in the quiet night

2014年10月6日 | 0 Comments

[Introduction] like this quiet night, like this round moon. Look, above the moon, there is the romance of Chang ‘e and Wu Gang, and there is a happy little white rabbit [...]

hua shi

2014年10月2日 | 6 Comments

[Introduction] However, in that winter last year, the ruthless ice disaster trampled on the land of Xiaoxiang and destroyed it at the same time. It fell asleep with withered [...]