December 2014

This wine, let me say hello

2014年12月31日 | 302 Comments

[Introduction] it can be described as a merit for thousands of years. Who will comment! Crazy people think you are a panacea, and three cups and two cups are as high as a [...]

I accompany you Downs

2014年12月29日 | 0 Comments

[Introduction] my husband took care of my son and me with great efforts to eat, put and fish vegetables. Sweat oozed from his busy forehead, I couldn’t help looking at [...]

Family “cook”

2014年12月20日 | 2,185 Comments

[Introduction]: since then, I have also tried to do it several times, either to the point, or to the true biography, or to make no progress. Come on, it’s easy to eat [...]

Beautiful Life

2014年12月15日 | 8 Comments

[Introduction] after breakfast, I led my child to walk in the morning light excitedly. Cherry blossoms on both sides of the road smiled at me mischievously. My son took some [...]


2014年12月2日 | 3 Comments

[Introduction] beautiful sky, blue clouds. In the night, a meteor slided across the sky, leaving a light mark and a hint of brilliance, vanishing in the vast universe. The [...]