September 2015


2015年9月27日 | 1,189 Comments

When I was 20 years old, I still didn’t understand what I was going to do. Yesterday afternoon, I had an ancient Chinese lesson, so I ran away in a mess. I don’t [...]

Walking to work, tired and happy!

2015年9月23日 | 1,473 Comments

[Introduction] most of the time, we might as well change our way of life, find some pressure and motivation for ourselves. Maybe when you walk, you will get a brand new [...]

Young, Green thin

2015年9月17日 | 3 Comments

[Introduction] Recently, I often think of these old things, and many things have become distant and strange. The partners in those years had already gone their own ways. [...]

Crying and laughing again

2015年9月17日 | 0 Comments

[Introduction] in fact, I don’t want to be a princess, I want to be a Cinderella, and I also want to be a beautiful dream. Love doesn’t have to be a prince and a [...]

Tomorrow is a sunny day

2015年9月9日 | 1,060 Comments

[Introduction] in an ordinary life, feeling the ordinary life is easily fettered by the trifles of life. The rain outside the window kept beating my sleepless thoughts. After [...]

This Day

2015年9月4日 | 57 Comments

I can’t guarantee what kind of success I will achieve in the future, and I even need to doubt whether I can succeed. Therefore, I can’t tell you what kind of [...]

Tea Tea

2015年9月4日 | 36 Comments

[Introduction] try to think about the times of guerrilla warfare, tunnel warfare, and the East capture when the devil entered the village and the mine War in Tibet. The days [...]

Luxury tour

2015年9月2日 | 37 Comments

[Introduction] the second stop of the trip is Gulangyu. Gulangyu Island and Xiamen are facing each other across the Lujiang river. It is named because of the flood waves [...]