October 2015


2015年10月28日 | 41 Comments

[Introduction] although I also like and cherish small pets, I just don’t have the patience of high self-discipline to restrain or restrain personal desires, there are [...]

I smiled and clapped

2015年10月24日 | 827 Comments

[Introduction] I am flowers elected by vicissitudes and dust, my humbleness is exactly my broadness, and my insignificance is exactly my depth. You pass me, just like the [...]

Network, it is not easy to say that I love you

2015年10月24日 | 1,264 Comments

[Introduction] I think how good it was when I didn’t know how to surf the Internet at the beginning. I was busy making money when I had business, and I chatted with my [...]

Silence a quarter

2015年10月17日 | 2 Comments

[Introduction] Gold will not be covered by the background. Or when the gold is fully presented, that is the most beautiful and glorious. It is time for children to learn [...]

Slowly bloom like flower tea

2015年10月15日 | 454 Comments

[Introduction] every woman is a flower tea, which needs care and careful care to be soaked in boiled water to give her warmth and care, so that women can be more open and [...]