December 2015

Alone to rain

2015年12月29日 | 1,283 Comments

[Introduction] leaving aside the messy thoughts, I walked back and saw the peach forests on both sides of the road lush. Although experiencing the rare spring cold weather, [...]

On the bus

2015年12月27日 | 1,258 Comments

Another weekend, for me, is the most comfortable, relaxing and pleasant day of the week: I can freely control my time, read books I like, and write my favorite blog, browsing [...]


2015年12月13日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] I once firmly said that I was not a cadre and only wanted to do what I liked. Now in this beautiful socialist society, even entering a party is linked to a [...]

Network, we achieve facts

2015年12月8日 | 37 Comments

[Introduction] The network is virtual but not hypocritical. The network is hypothetical but equal. There is no battlefield of intrigue, no assembly line of working overtime [...]