April 2016

If I want you to stay

2016年4月23日 | 36 Comments

[Introduction] I have been thinking about going to Hunan for a long time. Tell her she wants to see the base camp. I chatted with a Dumplings in Changsha two days ago, and [...]

Life is too short to cherish

2016年4月19日 | 47 Comments

[Introduction] Spring is late, and the material is steep. In such a gray full of loneliness and melancholy, the color of the story in my memory has already been blurred, [...]

Happy alone

2016年4月10日 | 0 Comments

[Editor’s note] lonely people also have their own happiness. I love books deeply and am crazy about the warm feeling brought by mosquitoes. There, I have a confidence [...]

Those white flower

2016年4月3日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] the vast desolation has become infatuated, full of passion and full of a thousand-year dream. In that little crystal, I vaguely saw the mark of my previous [...]