June 2016


2016年6月30日 | 1,992 Comments

[Introduction] standing in front of the window, you can see the blue sky, floating clouds, and flying swallows. At this moment, you don’t have to be busy, worry, and [...]

Love, when leaving

2016年6月28日 | 1 Comment

(On June 20, 2010, in order to ensure the safety of students, the school requires the head teacher to accompany the students all the way for three days on the 20th, 21th and [...]

Spring breeze gently blows your elegant hair

2016年6月28日 | 2 Comments

When I first met her, she was seventeen and I was 22. After several years of training, I became a little famous hair stylist in this city. I will not let down the trust of [...]

Who stole the teenage dream?

2016年6月25日 | 95 Comments

Not long ago, I received such an application. No matter how literary talent it is, I felt sad after reading it! I have been thinking about a question: Who stole the young [...]

Poplar soul

2016年6月25日 | 0 Comments

With a loud noise, the old factory building which had been abandoned for many years not far outside the window was finally demolished. Looking around, my vision was suddenly [...]

Happy childhood

2016年6月23日 | 4 Comments

[Introduction] in the summer with a own use steel wire pierced round mouth left a handshake handle bag, take with stick root line and then tie a bugs online up to Ridge up [...]

Enjoy their own wonderful

2016年6月9日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction]: many times, a person keeps a lamp, pouring out his feelings on the blank manuscript paper, warming his lonely thoughts and the lonely space of his heart. Many [...]