July 2016

Once you met me

2016年7月29日 | 220 Comments

[Introduction] emotionally, we are both weak. Many people don’t understand why love has to be spoken out. In fact, everyone may not be confident when treating feelings, [...]


2016年7月27日 | 1,077 Comments

[Introduction] behind the promise, a person’s style of life is reflected. It also determines the future trend of merchants. If a business is handed over to a [...]

Heart, let love shine

2016年7月20日 | 4 Comments

Have you started to fade gradually and never care about me all the time? You give me a kind of hypothesis. What can’t be wiped out from the memory is the promise you [...]

To my aunt who just passed away

2016年7月11日 | 0 Comments

[Introduction] I regret it! Why didn’t I ask the reason when my mother told me that aunt and uncle were quarreling? It was just the friction between husband and wife, [...]

Love mirror woman

2016年7月5日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] in this way, the Mirror seems to be specially created and invented for women who love beauty. The world has become more and more bright and vivid since the [...]

Leisure Life

2016年7月4日 | 221 Comments

[Introduction] For this reason, no matter how many generations, years, or months of innovation changes have been made, simple and honest people will still stick to the fact [...]