September 2016

Still good

2016年9月26日 | 4,581 Comments

[Introduction] the distant place is no longer touchable, and what is in front of me is what should be grasped. This spring has come. In front of the mirror of life, I can see [...]

Goodbye A teacher

2016年9月19日 | 64 Comments

Teacher A was the first Chinese teacher I knew when I entered the middle school class. That year, he just graduated from the teacher’s college and I was 12 years old. [...]

Five yellow liu yue

2016年9月19日 | 0 Comments

[Introduction] I remember that when teacher Luo Jiuyu and teacher Chen from Shishi Primary School in Quannan came to Chang for further study, the weather was still sunny, [...]

Self-checking, self-talk.

2016年9月5日 | 3 Comments

[Introduction review self-examination, for too long, I live in the imagination about some departing people and things everyday, and sadness cannot be self-examination. This [...]