November 2016

Beautiful scenery of your own

2016年11月26日 | 1,149 Comments

[Introduction] Missing makes my heart have no space, but you make me feel so painful. I understand that love is like sand in your hands. The more you want to grasp it, the [...]

Also children a piece of pure land

2016年11月16日 | 3 Comments

[Introduction] keep children away from pornography, violence, emptiness and boredom. Have normal interpersonal communication, full Spare Time Life, loose play space and happy [...]

Chinese New Year

2016年11月14日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] the funniest thing is that the little boy, like a penguin, even came up step by step. After resting for a while, the four big children had a snow fight, and [...]

See or Not See

2016年11月14日 | 751 Comments

[Introduction] a hundred years ago, you were you, I am me, the agreement was false, waiting was true; A hundred years later, you were me, I am you, meeting was false, hand is [...]

Loser of fly

2016年11月8日 | 15 Comments

It doesn’t matter waiting or sadness. Maybe, I am indeed a loser. In the field of hope, I fell down magnificently continuously. Sky. Bleak Sky. No Moonlight. The [...]

Enjoy land

2016年11月5日 | 43 Comments

[Introduction] the most important thing to let go is to take off the sweat towel on the shoulder together with the countryside, wipe the sweaty face while happily going [...]

A read down all empty

2016年11月1日 | 4 Comments

[Editor’s note] since the fate is gone, the joys and sorrows are just the clouds of a lifetime. No matter how beautiful the promise is, it will be blown away by the [...]