January 2017

Idle Tea Talk, sword rain flies

2017年1月18日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] the final ending is happy. Jiang asheng held Zeng Jing, who was bloody but still alive, and said softly: Let’s go, let’s go home. I know from this [...]

Those memories that cannot be erased

2017年1月17日 | 41 Comments

[Introduction] I have gone through 22 years of ups and downs like this, and tomorrow I will leave home to embrace my university. I should try to adapt myself to my [...]

Some memory doubts

2017年1月10日 | 25 Comments

One day, a literary friend asked the bottle, “have you submitted your poems to newspapers and magazines?. No (after really starting writing). Hey, it’s useless to [...]

Lost, eyes

2017年1月10日 | 39 Comments

[Introduction] these three choices are all carefully considered. Finally, they all knew that they had made the wrong choice with tears. But if God gives them a young chance, [...]

Missing is flower poppy

2017年1月9日 | 35 Comments

[Introduction] imagine that the desolate eyes were helpless. Looking back suddenly, I found that my home and warmth were behind me. My father delivered a cup of my favorite [...]