June 2017

Net interest

2017年6月29日 | 737 Comments

Oh… Big Brother, spring outing? Summer Green, charming and quiet mountains? Don’t agree with Qian Zi suddenly came out. Spring is about to leave, and I [...]

Sunset Silhouette

2017年6月16日 | 14 Comments

[Editor’s note] in this ordinary dusk, I witnessed the magnificence of sunset going west. At the same time, I also witnessed the warmest picture in the world. Only then [...]

A person walking scenery

2017年6月16日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] I stared blankly. Slowly, they were alive in front of me. Everyone stepped on stumbling steps, turning, turning, like a group of spinning tops with unstable [...]

Fireworks san yue

2017年6月14日 | 9 Comments

[Introduction] although the old lady’s age is high and her body is slightly fat, it seems that her dance steps are still well-proportioned, coordinated, light and [...]