August 2017

Instant tears

2017年8月26日 | 40 Comments

[Introduction] the short words made my tears like raindrops. I once said this, but I only bought one piece of clothes for my grandmother. I didn’t take her anywhere, [...]

Being fooled happiness

2017年8月23日 | 39 Comments

[Introduction] The Peach Blossom Pool is full of water and clear waves, with strange stones standing on the shore, and old trees and green vines hanging over. There was a [...]

Water Phantom · memory on the right

2017年8月5日 | 3 Comments

[Editor’s note] in a trance, I saw that green dream again. That is my memory, and it is also a beautiful dreamland. In the change of my heart, I gradually mature. The [...]

The taste of autumn

2017年8月4日 | 3 Comments

The depth of love is only for the plain life-obviously I just want to be with you, there is nothing wrong, let me do whatever I want-I don’t know why, it happened to [...]