September 2017

Life is a gorgeous illusion

2017年9月25日 | 484 Comments

[Introduction] prosperity is like a dream, which will eventually end, sadness will pass, and everything will recover, just like a love deeply buried in our hearts, no matter [...]

Nature moaning in June

2017年9月21日 | 0 Comments

Walking in the dusk, the hot wind blew over my face, with turbid notes. The wind was mixed with the exhaust gas of cars. People passing by hurriedly, and I was choked by a [...]


2017年9月18日 | 5 Comments

[Introduction] seeing me a little intoxicated, I strolled forward, picked one casually, carefully twisted the flower diameter with three fingers, and put it into the nose for [...]

Heart, Xi up

2017年9月16日 | 47 Comments

[Introduction] even if there are three thousand beauties in the harem, only one person can touch the king’s heart. How many people want to own the throne. Shunzhi could [...]

Gesang open tunes

2017年9月14日 | 3 Comments

[Introduction] the vintage radio is still singing the melodious melody of the song “Gesang flowers bloom” slowly. The children in the yard are chasing each other [...]

I want to go to the Snow Plateau

2017年9月5日 | 62 Comments

[Introduction] Snow Plateau is very close to the sky, where there is a real paradise on earth. Riding yak walking in the clouds, wild flowers everywhere are colorful. Sitting [...]

Dear! Why did you forget me

2017年9月3日 | 42 Comments

[Introduction] long memories, withered memories, like petals floating in the wind, floating flowers, no sunlight, no falling floral flowers, no spring, gradually entering [...]