January 2018

Fruit life

2018年1月25日 | 469 Comments

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to health preserving, they usually have the habit of eating fruits after meals. The last dish of every table in the restaurant [...]

Single to old

2018年1月23日 | 2 Comments

[Introduction] one leaf knows autumn, and one night worries! When you are full of your heart, you will feel that you are at the end of the road! You will hide in [...]

Life and I

2018年1月16日 | 0 Comments

In the dim sky, flying ants came to work tirelessly as weather forecaster, but they dazzled themselves in the bright white light and threw themselves on my desk. He tried to [...]

I become attached

2018年1月13日 | 6 Comments

[Introduction] The network is a bridge, which makes the world smaller and smaller, and also makes the virtual become more real; The network is a link, which brings people [...]

Night to meditation

2018年1月2日 | 3 Comments

[Introduction] time passes through the fingers casually. When the kapok in junior year hangs its branches high to show us its charm, I feel more that youth is fleeting and [...]