February 2018

Say goodbye to the Internet, who misses you

2018年2月28日 | 464 Comments

[Introduction] life is like a dream, and prosperity becomes empty in a flash. Precarious in, a few degrees wanes, sigh fleeting. With a smile, everything seems like [...]

We 1970s people

2018年2月23日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] when I was in middle school, the first middle school reform divided students into two categories. I was lucky to enter the second class because my scores were [...]

A feeling left behind

2018年2月17日 | 413 Comments

[Introduction] what is a dream? At that time, there was indeed doubt about the understanding of dreams. However, since I had the dream of being a litterateur, I had a great [...]

Interesting childhood

2018年2月14日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] Gui WA and I went back to the place where we met. After a while, Ping Ping Cheng, Jiu Yi and Yong Er also came back. After we caught the people we were looking [...]

Instant review

2018年2月14日 | 4 Comments

Coming gently, with light steps, it seemed to be natural and unrestrained, with a little bit of heart in the hazy, and it had not been so relaxed for a long time. Life has so [...]

Thank prose online

2018年2月1日 | 1 Comment

[Editor’s note] Prose online is independent in persistence. It is unforgettable in freshness and difficult to give up in elegance. Prose online is like a spring breeze [...]

The mood of rain my life

2018年2月1日 | 6 Comments

[Introduction] now the road seems to be a little dry, and there are fewer pedestrians. I am a little disappointed, afraid of losing that feeling. The rainy road is very [...]