May 2018

Rainy season

2018年5月18日 | 2 Comments

In that rainy season, I left her and my hometown, a border town in the South. Rain is pure, because rain is Angel’s tears. Every drop of rain has its own story and [...]

Don’t marry selfish men

2018年5月13日 | 0 Comments

[Introduction] two years is not a long time, but it is not a short time, until your relationship is not salty or light. When he came back from earning money, he doubted you [...]

Just like

2018年5月13日 | 34 Comments

[Introduction] I like blue and lose my mind. Sometimes, I prefer to I am real. It is said that blue is melancholy and missing, with a little despair and stars of hope. But I [...]

Simple life simple love

2018年5月7日 | 3 Comments

[Introduction] I like simple life, and I am full and happy at work every day. Listen to music and watch movies in your spare time. I like to enjoy the beautiful scenery of [...]

Happy writing

2018年5月7日 | 2 Comments

[Introduction] I want to thank my mother for letting me extract a lot of famous books. Although these precious diaries have been lost in several moving houses, some of them [...]