September 2018

Things like smoke…

2018年9月30日 | 569 Comments

Spring is coming again, though a little late. Just sort out some things that I have heard recently and thought about. 1. Related and irrelevant people robbed salt A few days [...]

Quiet night

2018年9月30日 | 3 Comments

[Introduction] the distant mountain was intoxicated in the mist, ignoring the gazing of the Moonlight. It mysteriously hid the lush and graceful day, just like the scene that [...]

Island city night

2018年9月23日 | 6 Comments

[Introduction] while looking up at the strings of decorations made by beer bottles on the top of the head, I thought it was a very ambiguous and personalized space, and the [...]

Quiet night · lonely appearance

2018年9月23日 | 649 Comments

Do you know what a person looks like when he is the loneliest? Is it anxiety, tears streaming down my face, or dull eyes? No, these are not enough to describe the appearance [...]

Mentality chaos chapter

2018年9月16日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] I can’t say to my readers that this is very important and meaningful, so I send them away. They would never buy my account. They will say, what’s [...]

I is ball teacher

2018年9月10日 | 1 Comment

After a storm of three thousand, swaying, I can be regarded as settled down temporarily! Two weeks later, the final exam came. By then, I had been teaching for a whole year. [...]

Midnight Mood

2018年9月3日 | 0 Comments

[Introduction] all my life is in loneliness, silently dying and falling. The world does not shine suddenly because of your birth, nor will it be pale because of your [...]