October 2018

I will never see the boy in white again

2018年10月26日 | 1,014 Comments

1. Time gradually disappear in the blurred mist, 1.1 drops be imperfect memory of the corrosion. Sometimes we suddenly begin to miss the road we have traveled, the songs we [...]

Pushan, fleeting

2018年10月26日 | 2 Comments

Pack up things at home on weekends, stand on the stool, and look for kites many years ago on the top of the cook. Suddenly, a pu fan which had been covered with a layer of [...]

Wish to be little woman

2018年10月25日 | 4 Comments

[Introduction] a little woman’s little bird is gentle and dexterous, which is the most suitable in the family. Having heard the story of Queen Victoria, her husband [...]


2018年10月22日 | 1,205 Comments

I got used to sleeping in the daytime, and then exchanged for the wandering in the middle of the night, soberly chasing and feeling the unique midnight sunshine. Warm. Family [...]

Heart and nothingness

2018年10月20日 | 352 Comments

[Introduction] some people say that it is very tired to live, and there is no reason to make persistent efforts. Thinking about the meaning of life is something that is too [...]

This night, I am talking nonsense

2018年10月17日 | 1,253 Comments

[Editor’s note] the nonsense he said is actually full of confusion from the bottom of his heart. For life, getting up early and going to bed late may be a comfortable [...]

Dawn of the morning

2018年10月11日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction]: when the spring season is coming, I like to get up early. When the fresh air comes in the morning, the soft sunshine is warm, and the whole body is [...]

Lotus Pond

2018年10月6日 | 2 Comments

[Introduction] sleeping foam, put on the long coat of water Green, sitting quietly beside the lotus pond, watching the lotus flowers blooming in the pool, the rain moistened [...]

Life needs gratefulness

2018年10月6日 | 249 Comments

[Introduction] smiles become less and less, and the mood becomes more and more irritable. Finally, one day, a touch, a happy touch, changed your life. Since the existence of [...]