June 2019


2019年6月16日 | 7 Comments

[Introduction] I watched Xi Murong’s “flower” a few days ago. I didn’t read it carefully, but only said that I had finished reading it. I didn’t [...]

Life everywhere sunlight

2019年6月13日 | 1,148 Comments

Perhaps the most favorite thing in my life is words. The happiest thing is that I can express my mood with words, and let the pen make small flowers composed of words on the [...]

Who stole the teenage dream

2019年6月11日 | 877 Comments

Not long ago, I received such an application. No matter how literary talent it is, I felt sad after reading it! I have been thinking about a question: Who stole the young [...]


2019年6月8日 | 0 Comments

What kind of girl will you like. I guess she has long brown hair with wavy curling. She has white and transparent skin. There will be small dimples when laughing. Her eyes [...]


2019年6月2日 | 1,308 Comments

[Introduction] there was another sound. The window was broken. I ran back to the door in horror and intuition. When I pulled it, the metal ring of the bell came from the [...]