September 2019

Whose dream is broken by time

2019年9月24日 | 39 Comments

It is another year, and everything is different. Think inevitably distressed. I haven’t been in such a mood for a long time. Maybe I just lost my head by happiness and [...]

Early morning

2019年9月22日 | 31 Comments

The birds were singing in a hurry, and a force was pushing open the door imprisoned by the night. At this moment, after studying a pool of words, it emitted the fragrance of [...]

Bad Children

2019年9月19日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] Anne is right. Some things can be forgotten, some things can be remembered, some things can be willingly, and some things can’t be done all the time. So [...]

Let the Flower of Life Bloom freely

2019年9月18日 | 2 Comments

I like to walk along the country path in loose and loose clothes; I like to lie on the grass and whisper to the wind; I like to melt into the river and drift with the [...]

Meaningful warm

2019年9月18日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] maybe life is too plain, but it is steadfast. Although this beautiful and moving picture of love condenses a lot of sadness and sweat, it is also full of [...]

Talk of uneasy,

2019年9月7日 | 2 Comments

[Editor’s note] The author introduced us how the song “uneasy” became popular? From the singer Gong Linna, lyrics, intonation, singing skills, the source of [...]

It’s dawn (the other one)

2019年9月2日 | 1 Comment

Quiet night cold sunlight noisy classroom a group of people lonely Carnival classroom boiling, under the dim light, we each had something in mind. The Orange was pulled [...]