February 2020

Crazy for the House (3)

2020年2月27日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] these are all terms imposed on us by the bank. If you don’t handle the card, if you don’t pay, he won’t handle the formalities for you. Who [...]

The land in Beiwa

2020年2月27日 | 1,064 Comments

[Introduction] let’s talk about crops and flowers. They all depend on dung. Now there is no dung. Fertilizer is the boss. Year after year, the land became yellow iron [...]

Perfect Capriccio

2020年2月25日 | 1,236 Comments

Recently, I don’t know whether it is due to the weather or the pressure is too much. I am afraid of the work beyond the limit, because what you can do is to share what [...]

Make a phone call to yourself

2020年2月12日 | 38 Comments

A few numbers knock on the desire of life and fix it as an unfixed emotion of missing you. They pour into a port to weave the words in your heart into signals of true and [...]

Also said sleep

2020年2月4日 | 36 Comments

[Introduction] things are always divided into two parts. Although long-term insomnia is not good, we still find the beneficial side to ourselves. The first one is: in the [...]

Don’t want to grow up

2020年2月4日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] what I miss is walking together. What I miss is that you are very happy. What I miss is that dreams are still persistent. If you have to pay for growing up, [...]