April 2020


2020年4月28日 | 1,232 Comments

[Introduction] after reading this, my mood seems to be suddenly enlightened. Drinking the water beside the table leisurely, there is no sweetness, but it has nothing to do [...]

Time Machine trajectory

2020年4月14日 | 597 Comments

[Editor’s note] The Time Machine recorded what we forgot and forgot, while we still lost our way in laughter and felt sorry for ourselves. Memories are beautiful after [...]

Cry of Pier

2020年4月14日 | 36 Comments

[Introduction] there are many migrant workers busy on the construction site every day. The roar of machines comes one after another. After several months of work, a tall [...]

Emotional release

2020年4月3日 | 473 Comments

[Introduction] most of a person’s life is spent in noisy and mobile social groups. It is difficult to have space to review, explore and think about himself. The process [...]