May 2020

Man’s history

2020年5月31日 | 2,949 Comments

[Introduction] when I was young, I complained too much about my great ancestors. At that time, I didn’t understand why they chose to stay here because the land here was [...]

Is there any dust covering your eyes?

2020年5月23日 | 1,198 Comments

[Introduction] but as the inventor of this chemical agent DT, Miller also won the 1942 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for this reason, and also won high praise from [...]

Walking in the ravines of desire

2020年5月18日 | 1,317 Comments

On the way, there was a beautiful woman coming: her eyes changed unconsciously, seeing her proudly raise her chest, and her face of Sunshine drifted disdainfully, leaving a [...]

Wind stop-and-

2020年5月13日 | 1,232 Comments

Several times when I talked to my friend about going to a small teahouse, I ordered a pot of tea. She took the computer and knocked, maybe found a movie and watched it [...]

Find Wall

2020年5月13日 | 959 Comments

Ruoshui wrote an article named “The red apricot comes out of the wall and the spring is strong”, which is very knowledgeable and honored as the expert of the red [...]

wu yue Sky

2020年5月13日 | 1,349 Comments

[Introduction] the weather is getting better this year. In recent days, after the scorching heat, it is the cool breeze at night, that is, even after the hot and dry weather, [...]

Golf morning

2020年5月5日 | 61 Comments

[Introduction] I began to sweat a little on my back. The path led me around and went back to the downstairs of my residence. Ha, the mobile phone alarm clock is reminding me [...]