Cry of Pier

2020年4月14日 | 36 Comments

[Introduction] there are many migrant workers busy on the construction site every day. The roar of machines comes one after another. After several months of work, a tall [...]

Emotional release

2020年4月3日 | 472 Comments

[Introduction] most of a person’s life is spent in noisy and mobile social groups. It is difficult to have space to review, explore and think about himself. The process [...]

Who with you around

2020年3月27日 | 11 Comments

[Introduction] when we grow up, we will still encounter love. I once knew nothing about an emotion that could not be defined exactly for love by using Chinese history, [...]

Where smells

2020年3月23日 | 65 Comments

[Introduction] I don’t want to mention my interest at night. Looking through the dim light in the night, there are tiny, tender and shy pieces with tiny stamens hidden [...]

Silent White

2020年3月20日 | 4 Comments

[Introduction] now I have not arranged flowers for more than a year, but there are still some vases and wrapping paper at home. I can’t tell why it is for, as if it is [...]

Lianwang online love love love

2020年3月7日 | 1 Comment

The Internet has penetrated into every family, every unit and even every corner. It has been popularized just like telephone and television. Nowadays, for many people, [...]

That’s it, it’s good to be quiet

2020年3月2日 | 106 Comments

Edges and corners, still slowly converge. At four o’clock in the morning, the Moonlight dipped in running water, that’s it, it’s very good to be quiet. I [...]

Crazy for the House (3)

2020年2月27日 | 1 Comment

[Introduction] these are all terms imposed on us by the bank. If you don’t handle the card, if you don’t pay, he won’t handle the formalities for you. Who [...]
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