I have a special liking for purple

2013年5月2日 | 0 Comments

[Introduction] Some say love purple, is to fall in love with the sadness, love on the romantic and lonely. Not non-principle. I like depression, enjoy depression, taste [...]

26-year-old small

2013年4月19日 | 0 Comments

[Introduction] Shadow is slanted. No matter under the sunshine in the daytime or under the street lamp at night, shadow begins to look for who lives next door. This is the [...]

Through years of cheongsam

2013年4月13日 | 2 Comments

[Introduction] Cheongsam, just like my rebellious and traditional character, can’t be camel on its back, people can’t be fat, legs can’t be bent, the [...]

Who do I blame for infinite sorrow?

2013年4月7日 | 214 Comments

[Introduction] I often think of what a vice chairman of Writers Association in Shandong province and the chief editor of a literary journal told me: how many of the great [...]
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