Water Phantom · memory on the right

[Editor’s note] in a trance, I saw that green dream again. That is my memory, and it is also a beautiful dreamland. In the change of my heart, I gradually mature. The Phantom in the water is just a dream about youth and a memory hanging on the right hand. In other words, it belongs to my youth album.

Memory is a wonderful thing, just like a phantom, swaying in front of your eyes like a slide. The Phantom in my memory is a touch of water and green water. The oily grass swung with the wind, which seemed to show off the eternity of life. Of course, I know nothing can be eternal, just a thought. Just like those aquatic plants in the Mirage, they just live in the Mirage. As time goes by, the color will not change after all. However, those green fragments living in reality gradually stroke their charm and grow old. People, is this the case? Memory, is this the case? I like the sentence in Du Fu’s poem very much, the water brings the wind and the Green Belt. Water leads the wind, the oily aquatic plants are swaying at the bottom of the water, and the swing of the wind is like the aquatic plants fluttering with the wind. The soft, warm and fresh feeling is like the fragrance of grass. I was immersed in that beautiful Dreamland and couldn’t help myself. I was even willing to be a aquatic plant. So the first net name I got for myself was Shuixing Qingfeng. Oily water, green water, soft wind, just like the afternoon of that day. I filled a glass of wine in the sunshine, and the glittering green light was just like the dreamy green. The first time I tasted the green wine, I was drunk by accident. Leaning against the handrail, holding a cup of green wine reflecting the figure, watching the wild flowers in the sunlight. After drinking, I left a bright red peach blossom alone. On the afternoon of spring, the fallen flowers were colorful. The fallen flowers were wrapped in the pillow by me, while I lay in the flower room, letting the breeze blow my face. Under the drunken flower tree, half of them were buried by fallen flowers. At that time, I was simply a little silly, and naively thought that I could really shake gently with the water and wind in a beautiful dreamland, and a tree fell and a flower flew. Just learned to surf the Internet, the aquatic plant in my heart was like a vine twining my young heart, making my eyes full of a person’s back, fresh and stubborn back. The feeling at that time was also clear, like the smell of clean water, indifferent but pure. Later, I changed the net name to Xiaoxiang Yue. Just because of a sentence, I recall the moon in Xiaoxiang. Xiaoxiang bamboos, the gentleness of the moonlight on the ground. The pear flowers are gone, and the bright moon is West. The pure white moonlight is like my heart, clean like a piece of white paper. The gentleness of Moonlight is like water. The water I always like will never fade in the passing of years. The clear moonlight and the soft flowers still seem to be the dreamy green. It’s just a little more pale given by years, and a little more desolate given by moonlight. It was still a glass of green wine, and the warm green ants dispersed some cold at night. It is still between the flowers, the moon shadow between the flowers, the wind moves people, the flower shadow shakes, and the floral debris scattered down the ground, and the moonlight on the ground is as soft as water. Holding drunk shadow flowers, see days, now moonlight as water shui ru tian. The heart suddenly became soft, just like the feeling of Moonlight. Without the sadness of Xiaoxiang crying tears, it was just a little cold and cheerless. Heart of eerie silence. It’s just that I don’t like the next sentence. I’m worried that I can hear it clearly in the ape’s dream. Changing the net name is to change a mood, or to commemorate the farewell to that pure and silly little girl. I will not miss someone deliberately, although in countless lonely nights, I will taste the sorrow of those years alone in my heart. I have been used to not missing each other. Although sometimes I can’t forget some shadows in my heart, I always bury them in my heart and let them rot. Someone told me that it was loneliness. I am willing to be lonely, just like the moonlight. Everyone knows that she is bright and beautiful, but who knows her loneliness? A poem says that a piece of ice heart is in the jade pot, but I like to change it into a piece of ice heart in the bright moon. I always thought that I could be as beautiful and bright as Moonlight. Even though I was a little cold and cheerless, I still left myself. Later, I changed the net name to ice tears. I don’t know when I started to feel cold. Or because of my fingertips, or because of my heart, or because of the tears that I hardly have. I don’t like to say that I am cold, but someone always asks why your hands are so cold, and there is no temperature in the cold. I like the coldness like this. I like to slide through some memories with my cold fingertips, and then watch the memories become fragmented at my fingertips. I hope someone can hold my coldness and warm it with body temperature, then I said, your coldness is mine. However, in recent years, winter is too cold, and my heart is frozen accidentally. I once bit my finger gently, and that kind of terrible pain made me awake for a moment. Ice tears, finally too cold, cold sealed my heart. I like ice tears or it is because of one of my creations. It is said that the tears of the spirit Fox are called ice tears, and there is only one drop in my life. It is said that there is a flower called ice feeling, which grows at the highest of the Snow Peak and does not bloom for thousands of years. When the ice tears fall into the ice, at that moment, the ice is in full bloom with the most beautiful flowers, and the petals are like tears. However, Linghu died because of this. From then on, snow fell one after another, and people did not return it. I like this deliberate beauty, although it is a little naive deliberately. Cold heart, so tears ice, like fingertips, is the temperature without temperature. The ice silk wrapped around the fingertips wraps the memory into a beautiful circle, winding for thousands of years. In the cold of my fingertips, I saw that I was lonely for thousands of years, just waiting for someone. I saw him holding my heart with one hand, then leaning and falling to pieces. He smiled and said, the sound of heartbreaking is very pleasant. Looking back and leaving each other, my tears were frozen in the smoke water. Now, the ice tears have already left, leaving nothing but animal husbandry. This unique net name, like me, is unique. I can’t remember when the QQ network name started to be called rumu and it’s OK. It’s been a long time, and I can’t remember it for a long time. I only know that the fragments of memory follow behind with the steps of youth, which are full of my shadow. Just like grazing and walking, drunk between flowers. The first time I saw these words was in an article like orchid writing flowers drunk. Whether flowers drunk or mu Qingyin, it was a kind of peace of heart. Just like what I said, Qing Mu is like water, and the song is OK. In “Qingyin Song Yuan”, I said that I always wanted to write a song for myself, using the most beautiful ancient language. I have never been a gentle woman, but I am eager to have a heart as light as water to see through the dust in the world; I am also eager to sing a song of my own, walking further and further in the beautiful songs; I also desire to have a cool heart and keep the simplicity and innocence in the complicated world. So I gave myself the pen name mu Qingyin, a mu Qingyin, and the song was OK. I gradually moved away from a flute. I like that kind of clear and clear feeling, even if it has changed, I still go back to the original place, let the time pass by, let the time change. May I be as transparent as clear water, and find a flower shadow under the moonlight in this world, and drink between flowers. In fact, whether the sound of Mu Qingyin, such as the sound of Mu Qingxing, or the drunken flowers, were all dripping with rain, just like the rain in Jiangnan that day. The ancient meaning was full of the bright moon in Qin Lou and the cool breeze in Chu. And I slowly drifted away in the years, singing all the way. It can be said that it is my heart, a heart that has passed through the world, except for herding and walking. Even if the years pass by, it will keep a clear view. Just like my life, calm but clear and transparent. Calm, see through, play a piccolo, so happy and sing and go, a long journey. In a trance, I saw that green dream again. That was my memory and a beautiful Dreamland, but I had grown up and was no longer the purity of water and breeze, nor the wish of the Xiaoxiang Moon, nor the indifference of ice and tears, I am just a woman who can see through calmly, gradually moving away in a flute. In the change of my heart, I gradually became mature. The Phantom in the water is just a dream about youth and a memory hanging on the right hand. In other words, it belongs to my youth album.

[Editor in charge: Dielianhua]]

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