My most loyal partner-dog

[Introduction] it was the first time for Xiao Hei to eat meat buns. He accidentally bit my hand, but it was very light, and I was also fierce. Xiao Hei ran to his mother’s back to play coquetry. And I also taught Xiao Hei a lesson. In fact, Xiao Hei is too small to play with. He doesn’t really want to bite me.

When I was a child, my classmate raised a dog at home, and I admired her every time. Every time she went to school, she always had a dog to accompany her, and every time I followed her, then they walked on the way to school together with the dog. We played with dogs all the way, but dogs always circled around us knowingly. Every time there is delicious food at home, I will leave some for the dog, although the dog is not my home, but the neighbor’s. And the dog is also very smart, every time he smells the fragrance. But the dog is very sensible, staring at me every time, watching me take meat from the bowl to eat every time. Although it is not my dog, it is close to me. It knows that I love it, and it will have food when watching me. Later, my classmate’s family moved, and the dog was far away from us. Since my family ate meat, it was impossible for the dog to smell the fragrance. And every time I eat meat, I would like to have a cute dog looking at me with motionless eyes. Once my mother went to grandma’s home, and when she came back, there was a lovely yellow dog behind her. The most exciting thing was me. Although I didn’t know this dog, I fell in love with it for the first time. I gave it food immediately, but I didn’t expect that since it shook its tail to me. Later I learned that the dog belonged to Grandma’s family and sent her mother home. Along the way, the dog spared no effort to escort his mother home safely and after a short rest at home. The dog went back to grandma’s home with his mother’s words. Why don’t you like such a smart dog that won’t betray. Since then, I have been obsessed with dogs, and I am eager to raise a dog in my own family. Since I graduated from primary school, this wish has come true. Grandma’s bitch gave birth to a baby, so grandma gave me a puppy. I don’t know how happy I am when I go home with my puppy in my arms. I treat it as a child. I walk a dog every day and teach it the simplest words. Although it can only bark, it can understand what I say. It understands human nature, is spiritual and smart, and always makes me laugh heartily. Finally, I’m going to junior high school. If I go to junior high school far away from school, I have to live in school. Every time I go to school, the dog will send me to school and then go back alone. The last thing I want to do is to leave home. It takes only a week to see the dog. When I was in school, although there were many classmates, I often missed my dog, sometimes thinking that since I would laugh. On the way to school, because of my companionship, the dog reveled all the way, circling around me. Sometimes when we were tired of walking, we stopped at the roadside to have a rest. The dog always squatted in my steps, and the tail was always swaying. A pair of black eyes are always spinning around, sometimes staring at me and laughing. Continue on the road, it is also very sensible, never run around, just followed me, just like my tail followed me, until I arrived safely in the dormitory. The dog will crouch at my feet to rest tired. And I always touch its head and cherish it. He didn’t want to leave me, and every time he arrived at school, the dog had to go home. The dog is always reluctant to leave, but I will send it away from the school gate. Seeing its lonely shadow gradually moving away and finally completely disappearing in my sight, I would return to my mind and go back to school. I don’t know if the dog is used to it without my company along the way. However, no matter it is windy or rainy, dogs never break their appointment once. Its loyalty moved me and made me know how to love it better. Every time I saw its mixed water drops in the rain, I would wipe it with a towel. It was also very clean, not noisy or noisy, waiting for me to dry it quietly. It shook its hair and circled around me. I would smile and say to it, “OK, OK, the dog will not play. The first dog, we didn’t name it, so I called it dog. But it was unexpected that such a cute and sensible dog would suffer from poison. One day, the dog rushed to me, with strange tears streaming down. I gently wiped it away. I gently stroked it with my hand and tried to make it feel better. In this way, the dog gradually lost consciousness in my arms. I found that the dog was foaming at the mouth, and its warm body gradually became harder. I found that I lost my most loyal partner. On that day, I cried, and my face was full of tears, because I knew that on the way to school from now on, no dog would accompany me any more, and no partner would accompany me regardless of rain or rain. My deepest love for dogs has gone away. After the dog left, I couldn’t accept the fact for a long time. I was hungry for several times and finally lost weight. I didn’t expect that later my mother raised a little Hei, but it was more than ten years apart. Black is not the whole body black, but a little black fur on the tail, and I like black when I am young. When I came home, I saw a puppy in my house, so I called Little Black. It was the first time for Xiao Hei to eat meat buns. He accidentally bit my hand, but it was very light, and I was also fierce to it. Xiao Hei ran to his mother’s back to play coquetry. And I also taught Xiao Hei a lesson. In fact, Xiao Hei is too small to play with. He doesn’t really want to bite me. I got to know Xiao Hei in a hurry for three days, then I went back to work in the city. Xiao Hei stayed at home with her mother. On the day he left, Xiao Hei saw him off behind his mother. On the roadside, I squatted on the roadside, touching the little black head, and it also shook its tail sensibly. I told Xiao Hei: Xiao Hei, I will visit you next time when I go home. You must be obedient and not be too naughty. Unexpectedly, Xiao Hei called a few times, did he understand? When I left, Xiao Hei and his mother still stood motionless until I could no longer see their shadows. Every time I went home, I saw Little Hei grow up gradually, and every time I went home, I would accompany Little Hei to chase on the lawn. At that time, Little Hei would run even more crazy than me, no matter how fast it runs, as long as I call Xiao Hei’s name loudly, it has to run back to wait for me obediently. Once when I came home, I felt very upset because I was a little angry. Thinking about tears, I went down the river. Xiao Hei saw it. Since it licked my hand with its mouth, he kissed my cheek occasionally. And every time I would say that Xiao Hei couldn’t, so he would run home and wash it with clean water. Later, I heard from my mother that Xiao Hei was pregnant. My belly grows bigger day by day, and my mother also takes care of it very carefully, although it is not our domestic pet, because it does not have that treatment. It is a housekeeping dog, but it is spiritual, smart and sensible. My mother likes it very much. Last time I went home, since I saw Xiao Hei gave birth to seven kids. Xiao Hei lost a lot of weight, and his mother always gave Xiao Hei something to eat. My mother said that only with milk can the puppy be well raised. Hei became more fierce. When someone approached the puppy, it would follow him. When he found something wrong, he would scream, reminding his mother to better protect the puppy. Maybe this is maternal love. I saw the puppy for the first time. The puppy was lying on the ground rolling around before opening its eyes. It was so cute. I really want to play with my puppy, but I didn’t. Every time I went home, I only had a few days, and I had to leave in a hurry. So I spent a short time with dogs, but every time I went home, Hei would welcome me. As long as you see my shadow, you can easily run from far away and welcome me back. Last time I called my mother, she said that a puppy was missing. Xiao Hei was injured for a long time, looking around, but he didn’t find it. The puppy was lost like this. I hope the kind-hearted person can check it back. It is pitiful that it lost its mother and could not find its way home. Xiao Hei, I work outside. Whenever I feel very upset, I will begin to miss your smile to me. Hei, I miss you more and more, although we spend a lot of time together.

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      The undisclosed head injury happened a day after primariesto select candidates for the Oct. 27 mid-term elections.Fernandez’s ruling alliance secured just 26 percent of thenationwide vote and her candidate in Buenos Aires province, thecountry’s largest by population, lost to Massa by fivepercentage points.

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      The participants, who were physically punished in childhood, had 25 percent more chances of arthritis and 28 percent higher chances of heart diseases. The study also found that 31 percent of people punished physically were obese. However, Afifi maintained that not everyone who was slapped or shoved during  childhood showed signs of mental or physical health problems.

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      The speculation that Batista might surrender control of OGX comes a day after the company finalized a $996 million deal that handed over control of its iron ore port in Brazil to Dutch energy firm Trafigura Beheer BV TRAFG.UL and Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund Mubadala Development Co MUDEV.UL.

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      The first paramedics on the scene found more than a dozen people lying across the rust-colored court. Ambulances continued to arrive half an hour after the shootings as wounded people — including a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old girl — were carried out on stretchers. About 60 police officers converged on the park and crime lab investigators combed the scene.

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      Though Booker won, his margin of victory was smaller than some polls had predicted. That’s partly because he didn’t engage enough with voters and spent weeks away from the state raising money elsewhere, said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute. That allowed Lonegan to raise an oft-repeated criticism of Booker: that he’s more concerned with his national reputation than with local voters.

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      Shakira’s baby boy Milan is already his dad Gerard Pique’s number one fan! The singer and the FC Barcelona star shared an adorable family photo on Twitter of their son dressed in a tiny Barcelona soccer uniform on March 12, 2013.

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      It is reminiscent of the effort by “Ready for Hillary,” a super PAC not directly affiliated with the former secretary of  state and first lady, to build support for a potential Hillary Clinton presidential campaign in 2016.

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