On the bus

Another weekend, for me, is the most comfortable, relaxing and pleasant day of the week: I can freely control my time, read books I like, and write my favorite blog, browsing the internet with vast sea and sky can be described as a leisurely tour. But early in the morning today, my wife went out to a mall in Hankou to buy some seasonal clothes. She not only wanted me to accompany her, but also must take a bus with her. In order to persuade me, she also listed a lot of reasons: think about it, I haven’t taken bus for many years, I haven’t been to Hankou for many years, I haven’t accompanied me to the mall for many years, and I don’t contact with the society, can you write touching words when you stay at home all day and graffiti behind closed doors? These reasons popped out like a storm sounded reasonable, so although I was not willing in my heart, I finally had to answer helplessly. The bus station is not far from home. Standing there and waiting for more than ten minutes without the car coming, the unhappy mood became more agitated, so he began to blame his wife for his whim and the decision-making mistake of choosing bus. Just then, the car arrived with a lot of people. With the experience of squeezing the car in those years, we reluctantly got on the car. Then he slowly moved to the back of the car with his side body, and finally found a place where he could stand steadily and hold the arm with his hand. In these years, I have been used to a comfortable life of car slaves either by taking a ride or driving by myself. I haven’t taken the bus for nearly ten years, and there was a fresh feeling when I came up. I couldn’t help looking around, looking at all kinds of people on the bus and observing every detail in the carriage. The car was bustling, and people up and down were always pushing and crowding. Most passengers were dressed simply, untrimmed, calm or dull. Everyone who reads tabloids, listens to music, closes his eyes to calm down; Everyone who stands, sits, and sees the scenery with his eyes open appears to be self-righteous. Mobile carriages provide them with places for leisure and rest all the way, continuing their dream of not being luxurious, they enjoyed their own enrichment and happiness leisurely in the limited time. The carriage is a lively space, and the TV advertisement is very coquettish and sensational, but it does not make a car of people cheer up from exhaustion. A young man in the front seat was sending a text message on his mobile phone. He happened to encounter a bus driving into a subway construction section. The road was narrow and bumpy, and the bus was gasping, bumping, braking and starting all the way, with harsh noise and wandering, stop and go, the young man wrote words skillfully on the phone screen as if nothing had happened, probably due to the transference magic of love. Next to me was a middle-aged man who looked like a village, with a big package in his hand and a white bag on his shoulder. He stood there timidly with his wandering eyes looking around. In order not to occupy the space inside the car, he put the package on his instep and put it against the only gap under the seat with both legs. The car kept shaking and he kept moving his body, adjust your standing posture, and a bunch of sweat with big bean grains will appear on your head. The most interesting thing was that two young women with Fairy Peach accent talked loudly all the way, from clothes to children’s education, from rising prices to non-rising wages, as excited as driving wild animals out of the forest, from time to time mixed with the sound of hee-hee-ha-ha, at the end of the day, I simply talked about the funny story of cheating Hu on the mahjong table one by one, which was in Mandarin without any cover, naked in the whole carriage. Fortunately, with the noise of car-mounted TV advertisements, there were still people who were sleepy and tired, but nobody stopped or rolled their eyes. Such recklessness makes people feel real without any affectation. The bus which is grounded is the most real epitome of life. All say hundred years contribute same boat, car? How many years? Perhaps, only one encounter, one passing by, even one eye expression is enough. But in any case, the same car and the same boat also need fate and practice. During the double break, there were a lot of people traveling with their mouths. Men and women, wives and children, relatives and family members came here for the second time. From time to time, there were people on the bus offering seats to the elderly, pregnant women and children. Seeing these scenes, let me have a long-lost touch and warmth. Don’t care about any face, different faces, different identities, different ages, everyone has their own destination, everyone has a expectation of starting or going home, everyone follows the conventional rules: on the front door, under the back door, get on the bus and put coins, and leave at the station. The small carriage is like an open and orderly running water system, with automatic stop and start reporting. No one worries about wrong stop or wrong time. From one end of the city to the other end, there is an invisible line connecting every platform of life with passengers on the platform. I used to move slowly, but now I speed up a lot. What has not changed is still its slow rhythm. Outside the window is another world. May at the turn of spring and summer is the most pleasant season in this city. The sky is high and the clouds are light, the vegetation is fragrant, the sky is deep and clear, and there is a moist and sweet smell in the air, the whole city was bathed in a warm spring. Set off by the bustling and noisy background, glass curtain walls, three-dimensional viaducts, and those eye-catching advertisements, flashing neon lights, hurried crowds and slow traffic flow, they all flashed through the car window, which was also dreamy and dazzling. The frozen city became smart, just like a vivid picture, unfolded in front of my eyes leisurely. In the rivers of seasons, cities are changing, scenery is changing, and people are also changing. The wandering scenery outside the window stirred my imagination and brought my thoughts to the age when I was bound with bus. At the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, I was still in primary school. At that time, it was a luxury and happy thing to take a bus. Later, in the days when mountains and rivers all over the country were red, our primary school students could take a bus at will with a red book in their hands. As a result, we were left on every bus, tram and ferry in the city. When getting on the boat, he took out the red book, read the Quotations of Chairman Mao loudly, and recited the third one. From the beginning to the end, he went round and round, not only enjoying the free ride by boat, but also winning the praise of passengers. The difference was that the buses at that time seemed to be all old-fashioned, without today’s colorful advertisements. The passengers on the bus were all dressed, and there were no various clothes exhibitions today. The conversations on the bus were all called by comrades, without the sound of today’s husband, Miss, boss and boss. In those days, our young age suffered an unprecedented catastrophe. That is the sorrow of an era, that is a sad era! If there is still a little comfort left by that era, it is that it makes us have enough bus addiction. More than 40 years have passed in a twinkling of an eye, and things are different from each other. I still often twist it to aftertaste, not for anything else, just for a memorial ceremony, to our long-gone children’s time. At the end of the Cultural Revolution, when we joined the work, we had an indissoluble bond with bus. The unit has about a dozen stops away from home, and has to squeeze buses to and from work every day. It is cold and hot, leaving early and returning late without interruption. At that time, the bus was very crude, with no air conditioner, no TV and no coin slot machine. The conductor walked back and forth in the carriage with various tickets and a red and blue pencil tied on the small board in his hand, except for checking and selling tickets, the station name should be reported in time when the station stops and starts. With fixed lines, fixed time periods and fixed crowds, passengers in the same car became acquaintances over a long period of time. They nodded and smiled when meeting each other on the car, and felt happy. I remember that at that time we all had bus tickets, which was not only the certificate of free ride, but also the symbol of a person having a formal career, which often made him proud and envied by others. When it comes to Sunday, I will invite two or three friends to take a bus ride together. There is no goal, no purpose, Jiangnan Jiangbei, Wuhan three towns, where to sit. Then several people would spend a few yuan to enjoy a good local snack. Now I want to think about it, and that life seems to be very close to me. The terminal arrived, and the station alarm reminded me to get off. Then I realized that my whole body was like a frame, my waist and legs were sore, and my hands and feet were numb. I had not been tired for many years, and I really felt a little overwhelmed. Dragging my tired body to accompany my wife to visit the mall. For me, it doesn’t matter whether I buy anything or not. My task is just to accompany her to come and wander upstairs and downstairs, help her bag. At the moment, although people are in the mall, my thoughts are still confined to the impression of bus. I was thinking, one yuan coin, an ordinary bus, a unilateral drive of more than an hour, from Wuchang to Hankou, to see the scenery along the way, to see the city changes, to see all living beings. What on earth did I see and realize? A bus is just a mobile business card, a mobile scenery, a mobile window and a small society, which concentrates the process of urban development and change. The people’s livelihood concerned by the government, the harmony advocated by the society and the public calling for philanthropy are all shown in the scenery along the way. Carrying a large bag of clothes I bought, I said to my wife in a nearly begging tone: Let’s sit home. His wife refused and insisted on taking the bus back. She told me: This is the departure station, there are seats on the bus. I knew that I couldn’t beat her. I had to stand by her with patience for having a seat. At that moment, seats were a great temptation to I am. There are many cars at the departure station, and the departure is also very on time. For my old monthly ticket, it is easy to grab a seat. The car started slowly. The feeling of sitting in the car was totally different from the feeling of standing in the crowded carriage and holding the pole. There were not only commanding emptiness, but also countless beautiful scenery outside the window. The scenery here was unique and smooth. The wind of may blows out of the window, touching the cheeks and ears, making people happy. After a while of relaxation, I joked to my wife sitting beside me: Actually, I quite like the feeling of taking bus. Next time I will find a weekend, I will accompany you to take bus to Hankou, the wife of shopping mall smiled knowingly. For the first time, I also realized what it means to sit and talk without backache. I don’t know how many people in this city have to deal with buses every day. Most of them are wage earners and migrant workers. They are ordinary people who are busy and busy for their livelihood all day long. Buses are their tools to travel, it is also the carrier of their connection with the society, which has already been integrated into their ordinary life. I know it’s hard for me to have more time to get along with them day and night. I can only bless and pray for them silently in my heart, because only they are the mainstream of this city, he is the owner of this city. More than an hour later, the bus from Hankou to Wuchang arrived at the station. I had an inexplicable attachment in vain. I really hope that this bus will continue to carry my soul and body forward, through the bustling streets, through the invisible end of the city, to perceive the wonderful and unknown world inside and outside the car. I walked off the car slowly, looking back at its gradually distant back, lingering endlessly

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      He wrote a research paper about his strategy last December,called “Condemned to Excellence.” Drawing parallels between thedevelopment of low-grade gold and the oil sands, he argued thatminers would have to focus on controlling operating costs to runlow-grade mines throughout the business cycle.

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      According to US scientists, while car crashes are responsible for most injuries that require hospitalisation during pregnancy, little is actually known about the link between crashes and specific pregnancy outcomes. They decided to look into this further.

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      Meanwhile, the IDA has again warned people not to purchase tooth whitening products over the internet, as some contain dangerously high levels of hydrogen peroxide, while others contain so little of the chemical, they are ineffective.

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      Speaking after a meeting with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly, he added: “The Islamic Republic has the political readiness and political will for serious negotiations and we are hopeful that the opposite side has this will as well.”

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      LONDON, July 16 (Reuters) – Barclays has poached JPMorgan executive Tushar Morzaria to become its newfinance director, offering him up to 6 million pounds ($9.1million) in annual pay and awards to help the bank recover froma series of scandals.

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      SIR – I can still feel the sensation of love and security on having a bedtime story. My father created “Percy the Ponkimo” for my older brother, and he’s still in the family repertoire two generations later.

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      The Browns were born on New Year’s Eve, 1918. Their son said his parents met in high school and eloped in 1937 at age 18 because their parents thought the marriage between a wealthy man and a working-class woman would never last. Last September they celebrated their 75th anniversary.

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        If you are planning a trip then the second World Happiness Report can prove quite beneficial for you. It has been said so as after assessing more than 100 countries across the globe, the list has been prepared of happiest and sad nations.

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      “Marriage between one man and one woman is constitutional, and we are confident that Illinois’ marriage laws will ultimately be upheld,” said Paul Linton, a lawyer for the Thomas More Society, which is opposed to same sex marriage.

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            “Given the new circumstances, a large number of traditional buyers of Iranian oil are making the preparations and providing the facilities for raising their oil purchase from Iran,” news agency Shana quoted National Iranian Oil Co’s head of trading Mohsen Ghamsari as saying on Tuesday.

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            “Oh, goodness me, I think that’s a ridiculous question,” he replied. “There’s a massive difference between racial discrimination, anti-Semitism, where sectors of society are downtrodden and treated very, very badly indeed. And to compare that with a men’s golf club, I think, is frankly absurd. There’s no comparison whatsoever.”

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            Years in NFL: 1987-1996Years Behind Bars: 2001, 2004, presentThe Giants took the former Michigan State star with a first-round pick in the 1987 draft and Ingram made an iconic catch to help Big Blue win Super Bowl XXV. The wideout now sits behind bars for the third time in eight years after ignoring a judge’s order to start a 92-month prison term for a money-laundering scheme. The first two stints in jail were for theft and counterfeiting.

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        Oracle called for a port-starboard penalty on the Kiwis, alleging interference at the starting line, but the race committee ruled no penalty. So for the second time in the series, a race was called off with the Kiwis in control. Race 9 on Saturday had been abandoned with them leading early in the second leg.

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      The alteraction came after their quarter-final at the 2008 US Open, an encounter filled with tension after Roddick had previously accused Djokovic of faking injuries. The current world No1 won in four sets and bit back at the American in an on-court interview, prompting the Flushing Meadows crowd to jeer him.

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      “There’s water coming in,” Linda Hardy said, sounding a bit alarmed. Heather and her sister and brother laughed, thinking their mother was being an alarmist. Within minutes the high tide had crested, the wind was whipping and water wasn’t splashing in; it was gushing in. Soon there was five feet of water in the kitchen, and eight feet in the living room, furniture literally floating around them. They couldn’t open the door because of the pressure of the water, so they climbed out a window, and somehow made it to the car, which sat on slightly higher ground, and were able to drive it away from the water, to Resurrection Church. The water receded as soon as the high tide passed.

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      You want to keep prosecuting baseball for not doing enough in the past, have at it. But no sport ever made a bigger and more important statement than Major League Baseball did with Rodriguez, who appealed his suspension, and the other 12 guys — and their union — who accepted the sanctions handed down to them Monday by Commissioner Bud Selig.

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    “This is a recipe for disaster,” Neuer said in a statement. “By electing massive abusers of human rights to the very body charged with protecting them, the UN is about to drop more rotten ingredients into the soup. We should not be surprised by the results.”

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